The 5 Best In ground Pool Cleaners of 2022

Cleaning your backyard in ground pool is easy with the best inground pool cleaner. In spite of the fact that you want your pool to sparkle, you prefer to spend your time swimming in it rather than maintaining it. Fortunately, technology has advanced significantly, and there are numerous automated inground pool vacuum cleaners available to do this task for you.

It’s time to get a new vacuum if you’re still using an outdated manual one to keep your pool pristine. The most recent pool vacuums can easily remove any kind of dirt from your pool while you relax by the pool and soak up some sun. Since we dislike doing chores, we concentrated on automated pool vacuums in our list and discovered solutions to fit all demands and budgets.

The four common types of pool vacuums are manual, robotic, pressure-side, and  suction-side. If your above-ground pool is tiny, you should choose a lightweight, affordable choice. You may want a robotic pool cleaner with all the gadgets and conveniences if you have a sizable inground pool so you can set it and forget it. 

Whatever kind of pool vacuum you need, the ones mentioned below are high-quality options from reputable manufacturers. All of them have guarantees as well, just in case, and they are all long-lasting.

You should take your budget, pool size, pool type, kind of debris, and level of work into account when selecting the best pool vacuum. Others attach to your skimmer, while others are battery-powered or plug-and-play and don’t need to be connected to your pool’s filtration system at all. Some need expert installation. You already have everything you need since none of the vacuums we’ve featured here need a booster pump and can be installed by yourself.

Several automated inground pool cleaners, both large and small, were evaluated by us on a range of pools. The 5 best pool cleaners, especially for inground swimming pools, are listed below.

Our recommendation for the best inground pool vacuum cleaner

Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner



With absolutely little effort from the operator, the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Vacuum cleans your backyard pool to a high standard. You can set it and forget it with this robot inground pool vacuum cleaner, just as you would with a regular vacuum cleaner. With CleverClean technology, your pool, including the walls, will be thoroughly cleaned without missing a beat.

It’s very easy to use, and that’s something we appreciate. Because it features a basic screen and controls, you can just press a few buttons while it takes care of the rest. It doesn’t need to be connected to the skimmer since it has built-in filters and doesn’t need to be connected to it. You just connect it to a power source and let it do its thing.

Fiberglass, vinyl, tile, or cement pools are all suitable for this product since it comes with its own built-in filter, so it won’t damage the longevity of your pool’s filtering system. Maintain a spotless pool with this model’s two scrub brushes and enhanced filtration capabilities. A fine filter is supplied for removing finer particles such as sand or gravel.

The Dolphin Nautilus can clean a 33-foot-long pool in less than two hours, compared to the time it would take us to clean the same pool manually. In addition, it can clean a 50-foot-long pool.

We’re big fans of the capability to plan ahead as well. Setting it to clean your pool every day, twice daily, or three times per week will keep it sparkling. To avoid a clogged filter, make a point of clearing it out on a regular basis.

The only downside is that this isn’t free. It’s one of the more expensive alternatives on our list, and some pool owners may not need it. Although it uses more energy than many other vacuums, this one might save a lot of money over the long term. Despite the fact that it has a “tangle-free” cord, it isn’t particularly good at cleaning stairs.

Because of its ease of use, this is an excellent cleaning machine. Despite the higher price, Dolphin is a well-known brand and comes with a limited guarantee of 24 months. You may spend more time swimming and less time cleaning with this method. It’s a worthwhile investment, in our opinion.


  • Automatic
  • Cleans the floor and the walls
  • Two different filter sizes are included
  • Schedule function for cleaning pools up to 50 feet long


  • Regular cleaning of expensive filters is required.
  • Steps can’t be cleaned
  • It’s possible to get tangled up in its cable


Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Robotic Pool Cleaner by Maytronics

Other best inground pool cleaners

Polaris Vac-Sweep 360 Pressure Inground Pool  



The Polaris 360 Inground Pool Cleaner is ideal for pools that are very unclean and have a lot of leaves or other debris in them. Filter bags are big enough to hold leaves, pinecones, and other small waste. Using a suction-side cleaner would send these straight into your pool’s filtration system when they should be collected in an external filter bag instead. It helps save time and money by reducing the frequency with which the filter has to be cleaned.

Pools may be cleaned with minimum effort with this automated vacuum. Aside from that, the three jets and sweep hose on this vacuum do an excellent job of cleaning completely. Pressure-side cleaners like this one do not need a booster pump. It connects to your existing pump system, making it a lot easier for you to use.

There are other advantages to using a inground pool cleaner like this one. As a result, the chemicals in the pool are better able to do their job. As a result, it is not necessary to use as many harsh chemicals.

Compared to other solutions on our list, we found the setup to be more time-consuming. Self-help is feasible, but it will take some time and effort, and you may need some assistance. Aside from its poor wall-climbing abilities, we discovered that it was unsteady while navigating around stairs and lights. Vacuum cleaners with more moving components need more frequent maintenance than vacuum cleaners without. Pool maintenance is more time consuming and more expensive than with our preferred option.

In summary, this is the ideal vacuum for pools that are plagued by leaves and other huge particles. Polaris 360 has no trouble with them, unlike the Baracuda above, which would clog a suction-side cleaner. For nearly 30 years, Polaris has been a trusted name in the industry. It has a one-year guarantee and seems to be well-made.


  • Disposes of big waste
  • You may use less chemicals because of the built-in filter.
  • A brand you can trust.


  • For use ingound swimming pools
  • Isn’t particularly good at scaling barriers.
  • Setup is a hassle.


Zodiac G3 Automatic Suction-Side Inground Pool Cleaner



If you have a smaller pool, you generally don’t need to spend a lot of money on a high-tech, robotic pool cleaner like the one seen above. The Zodiac Baracuda G3 Automatic Inground Pool Cleaner is a better option. Because there are fewer moving components in this suction-side cleaner, things are less likely to go wrong.

The floors and walls of pools with tile, cement, vinyl, or fiberglass liners may be cleaned efficiently and effectively by this pool cleaner. To get around obstacles like stairwells and overhead lighting, it features a wheel attached to the back of the cleaner’s neck. Suction-side cleaners operate by mechanically vibrating their way around the pool and sucking up whatever trash they come across without the user having to do anything.

As with a manual vacuum, it must be connected to the skimmer or a separate vacuum line. A booster pump or expert installation is not required, and thorough instructions are included to help you complete the installation on your own. Assemble the skimmer by connecting the hose and disc to the wheel deflector and skimmer. It handles all the work for you after you’ve set it up.

The FlowKeeper valve on the Baracuda G3 allows the vacuum to work even with low-speed pumps, which is a nice feature. We have noticed that this vacuum works well in above-ground pools, despite the fact that it is built for inground pools.

To avoid damaging the walls of your pool, we choose hoses that are meant to be scuff resistant. We also like the fact that there are no wheels, filters, or technology to deal with.

If you have a huge pool, it won’t function since it’s longer than 39 feet, which isn’t ideal. When big detritus, like leaves, is thrown into the filtering system, it shortens its longevity. As it utilises suction to travel around, it does take longer to clean than a robotic vacuum, which is set to cover all parts of the pool.

For those who have a small or medium-sized swimming pool and are on a budget, this is the best choice. It handles all the work for you and doesn’t need any expert installation at all to get it done.


  • Automatic
  • Cleans walls, floors, and steps
  • Simple with few moving parts
  • Works with low-power pumps


  • Slower than robotic options
  • Designed for in-ground pools
  • Can get clogged with big leaves
  • Not for large pools


Dolphin Premier Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner



When you have the Dolphin Premier Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner, a high-end robotic model with a wide range of high-tech capabilities, cleaning your pool is completely hands-free. The connector design makes it simple to set up and operate in in-ground pools up to 50 feet in length. Even the waterline is scrubbing clean thanks to this pool cleaner, which is ideal for vinyl, fiberglass, and gunite pools.

Dual scrubbing brushes and two motors provide the power, although the maker says it consumes 90% less energy than pressure and suction cleaners. Three kinds of filters—micro-cartridges, conventional cartridges, and a leaf/waste bag—more effectively catch debris of various sizes, and disposable debris bags are available for easy maintenance.. Its clever navigation software and anti-tangle cord keep it from becoming tangled up when cleaning your pool. In addition, the weekly scheduler begins cleaning at the specified time and date automatically.


  • Up to 50 feet in length.
  • A cable designed to resist tangling.
  • Cleans the walls and the waterline.
  • The weekly scheduler is built in.
  • Filters come in three varieties.


  • A bit costly


AIPER Cordless Robotic Inground Pool Cleaner



If you don’t want to spend so much money on an inground robotic pool cleaner, try the AIPER Cordless Pool Cleaner. A rechargeable battery delivers up to 50 minutes of operation per charge for this tiny robotic cleaner, unlike most other models that need a power line. It just takes a few seconds to put the robot into your above-ground or in-ground pool, and it immediately begins sucking up all kind of filth and debris as it moves from one wall to the next.

When the AIPER robot has finished cleaning the pool or has run out of energy, it will automatically stop at the pool wall so that you may draw it out using the provided hook. It can clean a 15 x 35-foot pool on a full charge in approximately three to four hours. With a price tag of less than $200, it’s an excellent choice for minor pool cleaning and maintenance.


  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Cordless and rechargeable design..
  • Automatically comes to a halt when approaching a pool’s edge.
  • Quickly recharges.


  • Works well only on level surfaces.

A buyer’s guide to the best inground pool cleaners

There are a number of factors to take into account before making your purchase, ranging from the sort of pool vacuum that will work best for your pool to the ease of pool care you want.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners for Inground Pools

This is a traditional pool vacuum that requires the operator to push a long pole over the floor and walls. In order to capture dirt and other particles, they may either be attached to the pool’s filter or have a filter bag built in (pressure-side). In comparison to automated pool cleaners, they are less convenient for us. The downside is that they’re frequently the most cost-effective choice.

On the other hand, robots are a far cry from humans. Toss them in the pool, cover it, and forget about them. Plug them into a wall outlet or battery-powered and equipped with built-in filters, and you’re ready to go. A variety of equipment is included to make certain they don’t miss anything. They’re the most costly, but also the most handy alternative, similar to the greatest robotic lawnmowers.

Vacuum systems that utilise the pool’s filtration system return line to power the vacuum are called Pressure-Side. The Venturi effect is used to attract pool water into the unit, where it is trapped by the built-in filters. This is also the reason why they may attach to surfaces like floors and walls. Others don’t need a booster pump, although some do (like those on our list).

Through the skimmer, these vacuums connect to the pool’s suction side. As a result, your pool filter will have a shorter lifetime if they depend on the pool filtration system. On the bright side, there are no booster pumps required.

Type and size of pool

There is no need to get a robotic inground pool cleaner with all of the bells and whistles if you simply have a small pool. If you’re ready to put in the time and effort, a basic automated cleaner or even a manual vacuum can do the trick.

As a precaution, if you have an enormous pool, be sure that the vacuum you choose has adequate power to clean the whole area. Using a robotic vacuum will guarantee that you don’t miss any places and will help you stay on top of your cleaning schedule.

With a pool that’s above ground, you’ll need to keep in mind how much weight your inground pool vacuum cleaner will carry. You’ll also want to think about the kind of liner you have, and make sure the vacuum you choose can handle it. An in-ground pool with steep walls will need the use of a 4WD cleaner that can also clean the walls.

FAQs about inground pool cleaners

Q. How do inground pool vacuums work?

It is the job of pool cleaners to remove dirt and other materials that impede the purity and cleanliness of the water. You may connect your pool cleaner to either the skimmer or the pool’s built-in vacuum line if you have one. The pool vacuum is used to remove trash from the water and transport it to the skimmer or vacuum line. While some pool cleaners follow a more random cleaning pattern, others with more modern technology follow a pre-programmed course.

Q. How do robotic inground pool cleaners work versus regular inground pool cleaners?

Robotic inground pool cleaners link to their own power supply and feature onboard filtration, while conventional automated pool cleaners depend on your pool’s skimmer system or a dedicated suction line. This makes them a suitable option for pools without a strong pump to drive the pool cleaner or if you don’t want to backwash your filter system regularly to eliminate the detritus your pool cleaner vacuums up.

Q. How long do inground pool cleaners last?

The lifespan of an inground pool cleaner depends on a variety of things, including how it is maintained and stored. Extended exposure to chlorine and pool chemicals may reduce a cleaner’s usable life; most manufacturers advise removing the device from the pool after every cleaning cycle. If you’re prepared to change the feet, cleaning disc, head, and other components, you may be able to use the same pool cleaner for at least five years.


Overall, we suggest the Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus Inground Robotic Pool Cleaner as the finest pool cleaner due to its compatibility with a range of pool forms and its comprehensive brushing system that cleans the walls and floors. In addition, you may pick from numerous settings and your pool will be clean within two hours.

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